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What's Airsoft:
Airsoft is a wargame much like paintball. The idea of both of them is to shoot the opponent with your gun. Airsoft includes a lot more military simulation (Milsim) in part because all airsoft guns are replicas of real firearms. Airsoft shoots 6mm plastic pellets, which are safe as long as you cover your face properly. Paintballs are available, but not used much for a few reasons. Airsoft also is the only gun type which includes the hop-up system. Miltary simulation is when you are simulating common, or past military situations. Very popular ones are hostage rescue, downed pilot, disarm a bomb, and reenactments of real battles such as D-day. Included in the military simulation is the gear. Since it is easy and relatively cheap to buy the exact same gear real soldiers use, teams can really get themselves looking like a Delta Force, Navy Seal, or paratrooper squad. You can see some good examples of this in the video and picture archives. All of this really adds to the co-factor. With the real looking gear, real looking guns, the realistic skirmishes, changing of magazines, machine guns, and anything else you can imagine.
The pellets or BB's are 6mm and plastic. The average price is $15 for about 3500 BB's of the highest quality at the .20g weight. The plastic BB's in stock guns won't break most things either. Most will bounce off of windows and cups and such, but I have seen things broken so its not worth testing. Weak guns such as the mini electrics can be used in and around the house with no problems besides the mess they leave behind. These BB's will not penetrate paintball masks (none that I've seen at least) and thats what I reccomend using. Some people who only wear goggles, or glasses have the problem of chipping teeth. It is very possible and does happen. 6mm paintballs are available but are not used all that much. For one reason airsoft guns have Hop-up, which is a bump in the top of the barrel, giving the BB spin so that it will travel farther. More on that later. Anyway the paintballs tend to break on that bump, causing a lot of trouble. An additional problem with paintballs is that they don't always break, and they have to hit something solid. Then there is the price issue. Airsoft pellets are extremely cheap compared to paintballs. You can get them in packs of 200 paintballs for $4-7. A big difference from 3500 for $15.

Airosft Vs. Paintball
Since Airsoft and Paintball are very similar to one another, a lot of paintballers and airsofters have to make the decision between one or the other. Some like to do both, but thats not exactly a financially sound decision. I will do my best to help guide everyone out there to the correct decision. I purposefully say paintball and airsoft so it is not a war here, and rather a comparison.

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